Requirements and Process of Becoming a Member

Information Concerning Application for Membership:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company (HVFC).

This page explains our membership requirements and the way we process applications.

The Hereford Volunteer Fire Company does not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, or sex in
its membership policies.

  • Due to the length of time required to complete the investigation of applicants, HVFC will accept applicants into Probationary Membership status upon completion of a preliminary investigation.
  • Probationary Membership may be terminated if previously unknown facts are revealed upon completion of the full investigation.
  • Upon election by the general membership into probationary membership status, the applicant will be notified via telephone or written notification.



Privileges and Requirements:

  • Training: American Heart Association CPR certification (approx 3 hrs). Blood Born Pathogens (approx 3 hrs.). Hazardous Materials Operations class (approx 24 hrs) along with an in-station Basic Knowledge test must be completed before the Probationary Member can participate in emergency operations.
  • MFRI or Baltimore County NFPA 1001 Firefighter 1 course (approx 102 hrs). FF1 class must be completed within two years of membership acceptance.
  • Submit copies of any current certifications with your application.


Meetings and Activities:

Probationary members are expected to participate in the activities of the company, but may not;
  • Volte in elections or other matters of the company
  • Drive any company vehicles
  • Have MVA-issued fire
Running Gear:
  1. Probationary members will be issued all necessary protective turn-out gear, or they may purchase their own (providing the gear meets or exceeds NFPA or company specifications).
  2. Probationary members may purchase uniforms and insignias, in conformation to Company specifications, with permission of company officer. It is not easy to be a successful member of a large and busy Volunteer Fire Company such as HVFC. We place many demands on the time and energy of our members. For those who are successful, the rewards are great, measured not in gold, but rather in the satisfaction in completing the difficult and dangerous tasks. And of course, helpingyour neighbors and community.