2024 Annual Installation of Officers and Awards Banquet

On January 20, 2024 the members of the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company gathered to celebrate the annual installation of officers and awards banquet.  Many of our members received deserving awards and recognition for their accomplishments ranging from training hours, total amount of fire calls answered, LOSAP hours, and year of service awards. The fire company also received recognition from many state and local government celebrating our 100 years of service to the community. They are as follows:

Executive Citation from Johnny Olszewski, Baltimore County Executive

Baltimore County Resolution from Wade Kach, Baltimore County Councilman

State of Maryland Resolution from Senator Chris West

Certificate of Recognition from Baltimore County Fire Department  Chief Joanne Rund

Baltimore County Volunteer Firefighters Association

Thank you to all members, both past and present, operational and administrative, that have contributed to the success of the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company through our 100 years of service!


Thank you to Katie Ritter for the photos from the evening!