The Hereford Volunteer Fire Company was organized in June of 1924.

Located in Northern Baltimore County, Maryland just minutes from Exit 27 off Interstate 83. We provide fire protection over a very diverse area of the county from single-family dwellings to apartments, farmland to light industry, and from Interstate highways to dense wooded areas around the watershed. Our fleet of emergency equipment consists of two Engines/Tankers, a 3000-gallon Tanker Truck, Tanker Support Unit, Brush Unit, Special Unit, and an ATV Unit. We are a fully volunteer company and stand ready to respond at any time. We are members of the Baltimore County Volunteer Firefighters Association as well as the Maryland State Volunteer Fireman’s Association.

Mission Statement

The Hereford Volunteer Fire Company is dedicated to providing public safety services to the citizens of Northern Baltimore County that result in improved quality of life and peace of mind.

As a team, we will strive to minimize losses and suffering through emergency service delivery, public education, and community service activities. We will provide our service and treat those we serve and each other in a manner that is professional, fair, and honest. We will strive to support and participate in our community and serve with integrity. We will strive to support the individual development, personal satisfaction, and pride of all our members, and endeavor to uphold the unique camaraderie and trust that is the fire service

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